Tours & Tastings

Carboy WineryBreckenridge


$25 per person

2 person min – 12 person max
Daily By Appointment

This is our introductory tasting experience. Guests will be treated to a 30-minute private sit-down tasting of select Carboy wines hosted by one of our wine specialists. We’ll discuss the wine, our history, and the basics of the winemaking process.


$40 per person

2 person min – 12 person max
Daily By Appointment

Want to go more in-depth into the winemaking process. Our winemaker tasting pairs you with one of our winemakers for a private discussion on how our wine is made – where we source our fruit, and how that fruit goes from the earth to the glass.


$75 per person

2 person min – 12 person max
Daily By Appointment

The Sensory Experience is fun, unique, and designed to help all level of wine enthusiasts develop the ability to identify aromas and flavors in wines. Hosted by our wine consultant, sniff, sip, and learn how vanilla, butter, lemon, chocolate, smoke and caramel get into wine.

Online Scheduling Coming Soon. Until then, please contact us to schedule your tasting experience.

If you are interested in a more personalized experience or would like to request a special date or time, contact us


All reservations at Carboy are secured with a credit card. In the event that you must cancel your reservation, you may transfer your reservation to a friend or relative at the last moment, but please inform us of the change so we can cater to your friends and our guests properly. Otherwise, the credit card you used at the time of the reservation will be charged as follows:

No charge for cancellations greater than 1 calendar days prior to the tasting.
100% of deposit (price of one person) for any reservation canceled within 24 hours of tasting date and time and for all No-Shows.

Sometimes unplanned events happen (such as travel delays, job loss, medical issues, etc) that cause you to have to cancel your reservation. While we understand and sympathize with you, we are a small company and all cancellations greatly affect us when we cannot rebook your space. Therefore, we are unable to waive our cancellation policy for any reason.