Are you looking for something a little smaller, more intimate, and a little less formal than a hosted private party? If your group is 20 people or less, consider hosting a Gathering at Carboy Winery.

Carboy Winery offers multiple spaces for any event experience catered to your specific needs.  If you enjoy local or regional wine, mountain views, and hand-crafted food, Carboy Winery is the place for your next event!  We source high-quality grapes that are then blended or aged for everyone’s palate.  If wine isn’t you drink of choice, we offer a variety of local beer and artisanal cocktails.

Reserved Tables – We can reserve a group of tables for your gathering and have it ready with wine, food, and all the necessary knick knacks before you and your guests arrive. Tables can be positioned together or separate to encourage movement and easy conversation.

Patio Seating – Our covered patio is perfect for gatherings, with an assortment of tables and plenty of room for guests to move around.

Barrel Garden – This unique outdoor space can accommodate up to 20 guests for a standing, mingling setting.  The garden has beautiful views of the mountains and is great for networking events, birthdays and business happy hours.  Other guests may be utilizing other sections of the barrel garden at the same time

We have a couple suggested options for you, but you can always simply order off the menu as well.


Option 1:

$25 per person
Includes a half bottle of Carboy tap wine and your choice of two family-style snacks from the Carboy Menu to share.  Quantities are determined by your final guest count.


Option 2:

$35 per person
Includes 4 wine & 4 cheese pairings of the day with 2 family style gourmet flatbread to share


Option 3:

Pay-as-you-go large meat and cheese boards
$55 Half Boards Feed 8-10
$100 Full Boards: Feed 18-20
Wine selection can be made that day.


Option 4:

A la carte off of the Carboy Menu – Menu Selections need to be pre-ordered in advance
See menus here


Gatherings are for groups of up to 20 people. For events with more people, please refer to the private events information on the website

All gatherings do require a food and beverage minimum which varies based on the number of people and time of year

Gatherings can be booked 30 days in advance and can be booked Sunday-Thursday from 1pm to 8pm, Friday and Saturday from 1pm to 4pm

All gathering events allotted 2 hrs. Additional fees will be applied for long time frames

To book a gathering event please fill out the online form below and our tasting room manager will get back to you within 48 hours.  Please reference our FAQ’s for more details.

In the event of inclement weather, we will do our best to accommodate your group but we can’t guarantee an alternative space

To book a tour or tasting, please visit the Littleton home page for the different experiences we offer. If you would like to incorporate a tasting or tour with a gathering, please inquire.




Q: Can I bring my own dessert? Is there a cake-cutting fee?
A: Guests are welcome to bring in their own desserts, such as birthday cakes. We do not have a cake cutting fee.

Q: Can I bring in my own bottle of wine? Is there a corkage fee?
A: BYO is not permitted.  All of the wines from our menu can be ordered for gatherings.

Q: How are beverage purchases handled for large groups?
A: We can accommodate a variety of options for wine, select beer, and after-dinner drink purchases. The three most common choices are [1] to provide an “open bar”, where guests can order from our full bar and wine lists with the charge going on the host’s check, [2] a “cash bar” where guests pay for their own drinks, and [3] a limited drink list, where the host pays, but guests are limited to a pre-selected list of beverages.

Q: Can I bring flowers, or can I get them through the restaurant?
A: Guests are welcome to provide their own flowers for events.

Q: Do you have the ability to show presentations?
A: For gatherings in the Winery, we do not have access to show presentations.  Please feel free to bring in materials to have a group chat or meeting at your gathering.

Q:  Can we play our own music in the room?
A: Our sound system at carboy plays throughout the entire Winery. Please enjoy the tunes provided by our Winemakers and Specialists!  

Q: What is the gratuity and tax?
A:  Gratuity is 20% and the tax is 7.25%.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A:  We take all major forms of payment, AMEX/Visa/ Discover/MasterCard and cash.  No Checks, please!

Q:  Can I bring decorations?
A:  Decorations are allowed; however, we do not allow confetti or glitter.  Balloons, flowers, cake, banners are all acceptable as long as it does not do damage.

Q:  How is my final bill presented?
A: Your final bill will be presented at the end of your event after all food and beverage has been added.  If you do not meet the minimum, the remainder is added as the room fee.

Q:  Can I take home retail or bottles of wine if I do not hit the minimum?
A:  Bottles of wine, retail items, additional food, and gift cards cannot be used if you do not meet the minimum.  If the minimum is not met, the room fee is added to the total bill for the unmet remainder.


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