Carboy Winery offers a unique urban experience for any type of event.  Please join us for your next business meeting, corporate event, birthday celebration, family gathering, baby shower, rehearsal dinner or wedding!


If you love wine and great food, Carboy Winery is calling your name!  Book your next event at Carboy Winery Denver to celebrate any occasion.  We have multiple spaces to offer depending on the type of event you are looking for!

Full Winery Buyout

For groups of 50-125, Carboy offers a full winery buyout that includes the winery and retail space.  For smaller groups of 20 or less, we offer gatherings in the retail space where you can tour, taste, select flights, bottles and order a variety of snack and boards.  This set up is receptions style where guests can stand and mingle in this semi-private space.


For smaller groups of 20 or less, we offer gatherings in the retail space where you can tour, taste, select flights, bottles and order a variety of snacks and boards.  This set up is receptions style where guests can stand and mingle in this semi-private space.



Private Buffet or Family Style Dinner Menu
Private Hor’s D’ouevre Menu/Carboy Events Menu
Gatherings Menu
Current Wine Menu 


– All Private events do require a food and beverage minimum and room fee which varies depending on date, time and season. If the food and beverage minimum is met, the room fee will be waived. To secure the event there is a $50 non-refundable deposit that will go towards your final bill on the day of the event. A 20% gratuity, 7.25% tax and 3% administration fee* will be added to the final bill

– To Book a private event please fill out the online form below and our events coordinator will get back to you within 48 hours.  Please reference our FAQ’s for more details.

– If you did not need a contracted event please call the Winery for availability.  To see hours, menus, or to book a tour or tasting, please visit the Carboy Winery Denver Page to see all we have to offer.



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Q: Do you charge a room fee for private dining areas?
A: We do have room fees and food and beverage minimums which vary depending on the size of your group, the time of year, and the day of the week.  THE ROOM FEE IS WAIVED IF THE FOOD AND BEVERAGE MINIMUM IS MET.  All food and drinks go towards the minimum, gratuity and tax is additional.  If the minimum is not met, the room fee is added to the total bill for the unmet remainder. 

Q: Can I bring my own dessert? Is there a cake-cutting fee?
A: Guests are welcome to bring in their own desserts, such as birthday cakes. We do not have a cake cutting fee.

Q: Can I bring in my own bottle of wine? Is there a corkage fee?
A: BYO is not permitted.  All of the wines from our menu can be ordered for private events.

Q: How are beverage purchases handled for large groups?- NEW PACKAGES
A: We can accommodate a variety of options for beverage purchases. The three most common choices are [1] to provide an “open bar”, where guests can order from our full bar and wine lists with the charge going on the host’s check, [2] a “cash bar” where guests pay for their own drinks, and [3] a limited drink list, where the host pays, but guests are limited to a pre-selected list of beverages.

Q: What is the gratuity and tax?
A:  The gratuity is 20% and the tax is 7.25%. 

Q:  Is there internet access in the space?
A:  Yes- We will have a guest wifi available. 

Q: Are there preset menus available?
A:  We offer different set menu options that can be served buffet style.  There are set menus for dinner as well as the hor’s d’oeuvre menu if you would prefer heavy appetizers.  No menus are placed in front of guests.  Servers can give a detailed description of food.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A:  We take all major forms of payment, AMEX/Visa/ Discover/MasterCard and cash.  No Checks please!

Q:  When can I access the space for set up?
A:  We start to set up the room one hour prior to the event start time.  You can come in 30 minutes prior to set up unless planned with the events coordinator prior. 

Q:  What if I did not want a private event with a minimum, but have a large party?
A:  For the Ivy space, it does have to be a contracted event with a minimum. 

Q:  Can I bring decorations?
A:  Decorations are allowed; however, we do not allow confetti or glitter.  Balloons, flowers, cake, banners are all acceptable as long as it does not do damage.

Q:  When do you need a final headcount?
A:  We need a final headcount one week prior to the event.  If the party increases in size the day of, we will add on to the per person price based on the final headcount.  If you have a decrease in guest count, we will honor your last guaranteed guest count provided one week prior.

Q:  How is my final bill presented?
A: Your final bill will be presented at the end of your event after all food and beverage has been added.  If you do not meet the minimum, the remainder is added as the room fee. 

Q: Can we have separate checks?
A:  All food and beverage does have to be all on one check.  We can take multiple forms of payment. 

Q: Do your tables have linens? Can you get custom linens?
A: We do not provide table linens, but please feel free to bring in any table décor. 

Q: Can I bring flowers, or can I get them through the restaurant?
A: Guests are welcome to provide their own flowers for events.

Q: Do you have the ability to show presentations?
A: We do not have A/V equipment, but you can bring your own to be delivered.

Q:  Can we play our own music in the space?
A:  If you are having a full winery buyout, you can play your own music through Carboy speakers.  If the event is a gathering or not fully private, music will be played and selected through Carboy staff.

* Administration Fee is for overhead, documentation, preparation, and other management functions of the event. The Administration Fee is not intended to be a service charge or gratuity.